Customs & Compliance

Our licensed and qualified in-house customs team provides clearance, consulting, and auditing services to our client partners. 

Rodair Customs is a vital link in the offerings of the group. With "licensed" and "qualified" customs staff in-house, Rodair provides clearance, consulting, and auditing services to our client partners. With direct electronic links to customs North America wide, and throughout the globe with our own offices and strategic partners, Rodair offers a complete customs brokerage service and compliance services.

As international trade evolves, and changes at lightning speed, it has become more critical for the importer and exporter to ensure compliance. Rodair customs works to assist our client partners with staying compliant while seeking the greatest relief from duty and tax implications.

Rodair Customs is driven to ensure that product and classification are set to ensure optimal landed cost valuations. With the ability to offer customs clearance processing, audit, and consulting services, Rodair is well suited to guide your enterprise through the complexities of dealing with international customs protocols.

Our service expertise includes:

  • Customs Brokerage and Consulting
  • Full EDI Capability
  • Apparel entries (Apparel and Textile Specialist)
  • Automotive entries
  • Duty / Tax recovery
  • Drawbacks
  • NAFTA Compliance
  • Valuation
  • CBSA Audit Services
  • Customs Compliance & Management Services
  • Document Preparation

To contact one of our Rodair Customs Team specialists please email us at