Economy suffering under freight handling disaster at Frankfurt airport
Nov 30 2017

Berlin, 24. November 2017

Air cargo customers have to continue to face massive delays at
Frankfurt airport. The German Association for Freight Forwarding
and Logistics (DSLV) and it is regional association, the Hes-
se/Rhineland-Palatinate Association for Freight Forwarding and
Logistics (SLV), are calling attention to this fact.

A lack of personnel and poor traffic control are responsible for
escalating waiting times at the terminals of the airlines’ cargo
handling agents. DSLV and SLV criticise that it is not uncommon
for truckers to transport air cargo shipments intended for export
back to the forwarder´s warehouses after waiting ten hours or
even longer and subsequently missing the cut off times of the
cargo aircraft. In addition, the situation has been exacerbated by
the heavily increased freight volumes in recent months. As a
result, more and more import shipments also stay trapped at the
airport and can only be delivered to customers with massive de-

Despite significant organisational efforts by air freight forwarders
to mitigate the shortcomings caused by the airlines and their
agents, the waiting times have increased dramatically over the
last weeks. In the meantime, air freight forwarders are having
problems even finding any truckers willing to move freight to
Frankfurt airport under these circumstances.

In several emergency talks with the cargo handling agents and
Fraport, the airport's operating company, DSLV and SLV de-
manded an immediate improvement to these unacceptable con-
ditions. Cargo handlers have now committed to hire additional
personnel and to optimise traffic flow at the loading and unload-
ing ramps.

The forwarding associations point out, however, that despite all
of these commitments, conditions will barely change in the com-
ing weeks. They assume that the situation will even intensify,
because the trade union ver.di is currently striking against a large
cargo handling agent at the airport in order to push through on-
going collective bargaining. This means the German economy
will have to adjust to further delays in air freight transport until the
end of the year for both importing and exporting.

The resulting damage to air freight forwarders and their custom-
ers is already immense and the responsible parties, the airlines
and their cargo handling agents, must cover that damage. DSLV
and SLV are claiming that, unfortunately, a predominant number
of airlines have yet to deal with this precarious situation. The
forwarding associations demand that if they don't want to jeop-
ardise Europe's most important air cargo location and their own
business model, then they can't ignore the situation

The DSLV is an umbrella organization that represents the freight
forwarding and logistics industry as well as the transport industry
across all carriers (by road, rail, sea, inland waterway and air
cargo) including the organisation, preparation, management,
optimisation and securing of processes for the flow of goods
along the supply chain. In addition to its 16 regional associations,
the DSLV represents approximately 3,000 companies with over
550,000 employees.

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