Our Philosophy

Founded in Canada, we are extremely proud of our heritage and the global reach that has grown from our Canadian base since 1996. We are wholly committed to being Canada’s best and most reliable customized logistics solutions provider.

We recognize that performance at the highest standard is our obligation. We strive to be the standard by which all others will be measured, and our business values can be defined by the acronym that makes up our name.

Rodair is defined by the acronym that identifies our values:


means always being our best without compromise
is exploring all possibilities and always driving creativity through innovation
means always delivering on every promise we make
is ensuring we make honest, responsible and precise decisions
means stretching our imaginations to create unique stakeholder solutions
is being fair in each unique stakeholder experience


These values run to our core, and are the driving force behind every unique experience and interaction we make with our three key stakeholders: our client partner, our vendor partner and our employee partner.

In an ever-changing global landscape, our solutions are often required to be highly sophisticated, but our business model remains simple. State what we are going to do, state what it will cost, and deliver exactly what was promised - without compromise.